The Buzz

“Reflekt 1 is a gentle product that does the job, leaving my skin feeling clean, makeup free, fresh and hydrated.”

“My skin started to feel tighter, pores became smaller, even lines have diminished. Woo Hoo! This is not just for people with skin issues, but for anyone who wishes to have better quality skin.”

“Reflekt 1 is revolutionary in the world of skin care! I am so happy with this product and it is now a staple in my skin care routine.”

“No matter your age, it will make your skin look bright and clear. My 12 year old daughter has not had a breakout since she started using this. I’m over 50 and several friends have told me my skin looks glowy and even asked me what I’m doing different.”

“I have had bad acne and with the use of this product for a few months it has all but disappeared. My skin shines!”

“My friend told me she totally saw a difference in her skin when she used Reflekt 1 twice a day instead of once. I just finished experimenting for 1 week and my skin is so much brighter and more even. My sister even told me I’m glowing! The little bit of extra time really makes a difference.”

Reflekt 1 Hydrating Facial Cleansing Scrub

The Simple Truth

We believe that a skincare regimen needs to be two things: uncomplicated and highly effective. Achieving radiant glowing skin is actually simple – you need to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate (FYI serum, moisturizer and eye/lip creme will make their debut soon). That’s it – voila!

The same is true of our modern packaging. It’s simple, elegant and feels amazing in your hand.

Inner Beauty

It’s true that beauty comes from within, but a little help never hurts. Top quality active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vegetable collagen and Pro-vitamin B-5 (think infusing moisture deep into the skin’s tissues) along with obsessive formulation deliver results almost immediately.

Our signature fresh clean scent is barely detectable, but we’ve been told it’s addictive! Everyone deserves healthy luminous skin, so we sell online directly to our customers to provide affordable luxury skincare for all.

Simple Authentic Beauty

“Treat your skin as good as you treat your mind and body and you will become a truer more radiant you. It’s that simple!”

Nancy Schnoll, Reflekt Skincare Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Nancy Schnoll - Reflekt Skincare

Nancy was raised in the Midwest, the only girl of four children. A creative spirit from an early age, she grew up painting, baking, and designing jewelry and has always been driven by the process of conceptualizing new ideas, and bringing those ideas to life.

Following her graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in journalism, Nancy moved to New York City, where she founded a successful hair accessories line and studied acting. After getting bit by the acting “bug,” Nancy moved to Los Angeles. It was during this time that she became more and more interested in health, wellness, and skincare, forging relationships with industry experts along the way.

“I’ve long understood the importance of taking care of oneself, and I believe that our skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside, both physically and spiritually, both good and bad,” says Nancy. “I also knew that an exercise regimen and a healthy diet can only go so far—I was searching for affordable skincare that was made with high quality ingredients that actually work, and I kept coming up short.”

Nancy spent seven years working alongside high-profile Hollywood skincare specialists, branding and curating beauty products from around the world for their ever-demanding clientele. This experience led Nancy to develop REFLEKT SKINCARE, a line of simple—yet technologically advanced—products that deliver clear, radiant skin through exfoliation and hydration. In 2016, Nancy launched her first product—an addictive, highly effective hydrating facial cleansing scrub—and will introduce the next three REFLEKT products in March 2018.


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