Time to Reflekt - The Best Skincare Routine for your 30s

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You’ve been career climbing, attending a zillion weddings and baby showers, traveling the world (or at least some of it) and living your bliss when one day you woke up and…you were in your thirties. “Me time" seems stretched and you may not be getting all the sleep you need while your stress levels rise. It’s easy to neglect your skin in your thirties because your career is happening, you may have youngsters clamoring for your time, and you are busy building your life. Maybe you feel a little helpless when it comes to skincare because there are so many different messages. On top of that, the magnifying mirror is starting to show changes in your skin - OMG! That's because as we age, our collagen and elastin production gradually slows down, leading to higher chances of wrinkles. Cell turnover also slows down, introducing dullness and discoloration to your once flawless skin. If all that isn't enough, you may also notice your skin has become drier and a bit more sensitive than before. Do you start early with invasive processes and peels? Keep it organic and natural? Spends hundreds of dollars on products each month? What can you do for your “best skin” in your thirties? Let's start at the beginning with your daily skincare regimen. Hopefully, you have a solid ritual that you enjoy each day, which is definitely a motivator when you can barely see straight by the time your PM routine rolls around. We'll build on your current regimen, maybe make a few adjustments, and your skin will be dewy in no time! Cleansing day and night is crucial for clear, radiant skin. Be sure to use a cleanser that is gentle and doesn’t strip the skin. We recommend Reflekt 1, made specifically to keep your skin fresh and clean while also being respectful to Mother Earth. As we age, we want to keep our oil glands producing oil consistently, but not over activate them, which can lead to acne. Keeping your skin PH balanced is critical for dewy, glowing skin. When it’s too alkaline skin can become irritated, dry, wrinkly, and collagen can be destroyed (and we luuuv our collagen!). When it’s too acidic painful breakouts can occur, so be sure to cleanse gently and with the right products for your skin type. Exfoliation is key! It creates consistent cell turnover to expose fresh skin, prevent the onset of wrinkles and keep the pores minimal- because small pores are a bonus of exfoliation. The gentle exfoliation also keeps the pores clean because it prevents extra oils and dirt from slipping under the skin cells causing acne. Another important function is that it allows effective serums and creams you can now afford in your thirties to absorb better (huge benefit!). An exfoliator like Reflekt 1 both cleanses and exfoliates your skin and is gentle enough for both morning and evening cleansing to guarantee your cleanest, freshest skin. Reflekt 1’s unique natural beads and vitamin-infused base also replenish moisture and leave skin dewy and hydratedFollow up cleansing and exfoliating with a serum for hydration and infusing the skin with nutrients, a moisturizer, and then sunscreen for daytime. Don’t believe the hype about not needing to wear SPF as we age. To avoid age and pregnancy related Melasma, be sure to wear a quality SPF every day of the year to protect against the sun's harsh rays. It's a no-brainer. Moisture is the name of the game for your thirties and going forward, so be sure to moisturize twice daily. Add a quality mask that will soothe, clear, or plump up your skin a few times per week for extra credit. Also, don't forget to pay loving attention to your neck and décolletage! They show age faster than other parts of your body and are often overlooked. Treat them like you do your face with a gentle cleansing and exfoliation, moisture, SPF, and masking. Be sure to use upward strokes when applying serum and moisturizer to your neck to avoid "creepy neck." Facials are not a luxury, although they can feel decadent. They are a necessity every four to six weeks with a trusted esthetician for anti-aging and to keep your skin looking its best. Add microdermabrasion to your facial, but only with an experienced and well-trained professional. However, stay away from acid peels and injectables as they can lead to thin, photosensitive skin. While many in their 30’s look to injectables like Juvederm and Botox to keep a youthful appearance, they should be avoided. Why? Injectables can cause bruising, lumps or bumps in the skin, lopsided or uneven appearance, and some people can’t even see the difference! Most injectables are also expensive and require continual visits to maintain results. Besides, how does someone actually look younger when their face doesn't match their hands (catch our drift?). A few lifestyle changes will also make dramatic changes in your skin. Be sure to get plenty of quality sleep and keep stress to a minimum (we know, easier said than done) to promote a healthy endocrine system. Also, limit alcohol for better skin (and teeth). While a glass of vino may be good for your heart, the sugar in it can damage collagen leading to enlarged pores and saggy eyelids. So quantity is key. Have the vino, just don't have five glasses in one night. Most of all, flush out impurities with water. The more you flush, the less any of the toxins in your system will show up on your skin. Be sure to make your daily minimum water intake of eight glasses per day! If you need inspiration to drink more water, add fresh fruit slices, cucumbers or mint to your water. It's truly the best thing for both your skin and body. Lastly, breathe deeply and turn your beauty regimen into a blissful and indulgent ritual that allows you to take time for yourself and you will have that “Me time" back before you know it!

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