Combination Skin: How To Use Reflekt 1 To Keep Your Skin Smooth, Even And Flawless

Posted by Nancy Schnoll on

It's a little known fact that two of the most common skin types are dry and oily. But what if your skin seems to have both? Oily in some areas of your face, dry in others? Everyone knows how frustrating it is to wake up with breakouts, but breakouts and dry patches at the same time? That's a nightmare. Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. It's not a disaster, it just means you have combination skin – as long as you know how to take care of it properly it's not a problem. With combination skin, you just need to be sure to balance both the oily and dry areas. Trying to balance these areas can be tricky, leaving some areas too dry, and others oily. But no worries, we have the insider information to help you learn how to create and maintain this balance. Ready?  The key is to balance the skin’s pH, therefore eliminating the dry vs. oily battle entirely! It gives you the clean, hydrated complexion you’ve always dreamed of. But what is the pH you ask? How important is it you wonder? Let us give you the simple facts: The pH level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline (least acidic) your skin is. The acid mantle-the skin's thick protective layer is made up of sebum (free fatty acids) excreted from the skin's sebaceous glands, which mixes with lactic and amino acids from sweat to create the skin's pH. Ideally a perfectly balanced skin should be slightly acidic at about 5.5. It is very important to have a balanced pH to achieve beautiful, fresh, glowing skin. If your combination skin is imbalanced, there may be excess sebum (which is basically a natural oily substance your skin produces for the purpose of lubrication). It will mostly appear in your t-zone, giving you a very unwanted oily looking complexion. If that isn't enough of a deterrent, too much oiliness also blocks pores and feeds bacteria that live on the skin, which can lead to acne. Another equally annoying imbalance is when the skin has dry patches. When this is the case skin appears dull and lifeless and makeup does not apply evenly. So the goal is to achieve the balance-not too oily, not too dry, just right! The key to achieving this is to exfoliate and cleanse your skin deep enough to get rid of dirt and debris, but gentle enough to not disturb the protective lipids from your skin. Which would make your skin too alkaline, in other words, dry and irritated. Reflekt 1 will accomplish this delicate task! Since the key to achieving and keeping a balanced, clear and even-toned complexion is exfoliation, this hydrating facial cleansing scrub does it all in one fell swoop! Not only does it cleanse your pores thoroughly (think squeaky clean) while gently exfoliating dead skin cells, it leaves your skin plump, hydrated and luminous-and never tight (a bad sign of overly dry skin and an imbalanced pH). It's efficacy is the result of top quality ingredients in the base of this cleansing scrub that infuse moisture into the skin’s tissue with a mixture of vitamins and hydrating ingredients. Reflekt 1 also uses natural, biodegradable microbeads, which are ideal for exfoliation. These beads are not only effective, but gentle and hydrating as well (bonus!). The warmth of the water and your own body heat cause the beads to melt into the skin, releasing an extra burst of hydration for your skin to relish! Twice a day exfoliation guarantees you will always begin your day with skin that looks and feels healthy, and most importantly, balanced and who doesn't want that! Even if your skin has a tendency toward oily patches, it’s key to give your skin lots of daily hydration. Remember- oil begets oil. Hydrating your face with a serum and cream after you cleanse with a scrub is vital. You need to continue to “feed” the skin’s tissue with nutrients. Now that your face is perfectly cleansed and exfoliated, it’s able to allow products to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Reflekt Skincare believes that simple and uncomplicated is always best! Reflekt 1 is not only simple and uncomplicated, but it is extremely effective skincare for ALL skin types and that includes you combo skin people!

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