How To Exfoliate Your Face Using Reflekt 1

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Did you know that your skin sheds between 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells every hour? That means that your skin is constantly changing and renewing itself. We know what you are thinking:- why exfoliate your face if your skin sheds so much? Sometimes, these dead skin cells remain stuck for a variety of reasons, like dirt and oil. As we get older, our skin has trouble shedding at the same level it did when we were younger. Those dead skin cells, in turn, make your skin look dull, old and dry. When you exfoliate your face you are helping remove these dead skin cells to reveal fresh new skin. This is why one of the secrets to achieving amazing glowing skin is exfoliation; it will make your face more youthful and vibrant. Read our step-by-step article on how to use a facial scrub. When done correctly, exfoliation can be very beneficial and will make you look more radiant. In this article, we are going to get into a bit more detail about exfoliation benefits for your face, the best methods, using Reflekt 1.

What is exfoliation?

First and foremost let's discuss what exfoliation is. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin. Your skin works day and night pushing new skin from the lower layer (dermis) to the upper layer (epidermis). As the new cells rise to the surface, the old skin cells begin to die and fall off (shed). When you exfoliate, you help remove dead skin so that new skin can shine through. There are different ways to exfoliate your face that range from mild treatments at home to deeper professional treatments. Depending on your needs, exfoliation benefits are increased when you use Reflekt 1.

Exfoliation Benefits

There are so many wonderful reasons to exfoliate your face! The best part about it is that just about every skin type can benefit. Exfoliation, as we already discussed helps your body remove dead skin to reveal newer skin. But there is more:
  1. Exfoliation helps clear clogged pores that get trapped with dead cells, dirt and oil. These are some of the main culprits for acne and other skin problems. When pores are clear, they appear smaller, and your skin looks and feels smoother.
  2. Exfoliation encourages cell regeneration because it increases blood flow to your skin and exposes your skin to more oxygen. This sends positive signals to your body.
  3. When you exfoliate your face, it's able to absorb the nutrients from your skin products better. Your serums, toners, topical medications and moisturizers are absorbed deeper and more quickly.
  4. When your skin is properly moisturized, it makes you look younger. Exfoliation promotes hydration so that fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. Dry skin is the enemy. Exfoliating will help your skin look its best.
  5. When you exfoliate, your makeup looks more natural because your skin is smoother.
  6. Exfoliating helps even out your skin tone and allows your face to reflect light for a beautiful natural glow.

Ways to exfoliate your face

1) How to exfoliate your face using Reflekt 1 Hydrating Facial Scrub

First, remember that you deserve fresh glowing skin. So make exfoliating a part of your beauty ritual. Second, pay attention to the ingredients. If your skin doesn’t feel good it's time for a change. Exfoliators, like our Reflekt 1 product, are designed for all skin types and promote healthy skin. Last but not least, exfoliate your face correctly! Scrubbing too hard, using the wrong water temperature, and even dirty hands, can all lead to poor results. For more detailed directions on how to use a facial scrub step by step visit this article. 2) How to exfoliate your face with a washcloth If household ingredients don't work well and you think an exfoliator brush might be too intense; you can always reach for the handy washcloth. Terry washcloths are affordable and can be used with your current facial (non-scrub) cleanser. There are also washcloths available in packets with product already on them. Both work well to remove dead skin cells. As with other exfoliating methods, use the washcloth in slow circular motions around the face. Avoid scrubbing hard so that you don’t irritate the skin. Most importantly, make sure to care for the washcloth correctly. If it is not disposable, make sure to clean the washcloth after each use and let it dry properly. Millions of bacteria can grow on it if you leave it dirty and moist. Don’t make the terrible mistake of cleaning your face with a filthy washcloth. That is the downside with this method. Washcloths can become the perfect environment for bacteria and grime. They can also strip your skin of natural oils if you scrub too vigorously. While it is an affordable alternative to household ingredients, it’s not the most recommended method. 

Keeping the pH right

No matter what exfoliating products or methods you use, always be gentle with your skin. Skin is the largest organ in the body. It protects us daily from environmental toxins and it's an excellent indicator of our overall health. To check how healthy your skin is, check the pH scale. Does your skin feel tight and dry? Skin’s pH balance should normally be around 5.5 on a scale of 1-14. One is very acidic like lime, and fourteen is very alkaline like milk. If your skin is feeling tight and dry, it might be too alkaline, if your skin is very oily and you have breakouts it might be too acidic. It’s important to keep this in mind because exfoliating incorrectly can disrupt your skin’s pH level.


How often should you exfoliate your face?

Reflekt 1 uses 100% natural and environmentally friendly beads. Whether you exfoliate twice a week or twice a day, it’s best to follow the instructions on the product package. The manufacturers of the various products know what is best for their particular exfoliant. If the instructions state that a product can safely be used twice daily chances are it is safe and this will give you maximum results. You can always talk to an esthetician or dermatologist about the best options. Too much exfoliation can disrupt your skin’s pH level and create a host of problems, however, when done correctly exfoliation benefits are amazing! Your face will look supple, fresh, and healthy. If the goal is to have clear, radiant skin, REFLEKT 1 Hydrating Facial Cleansing Scrub (6.7 ml or 200ml) has the perfect balance! It cleanses deeply with natural beads to prevent clogged pores and provides gentle, yet effective exfoliation, while delivering hydrating properties to keep skin in optimal health. It’s designed for men and women of all age groups and skin types. When used twice daily, this cleansing facial scrub will leave your skin looking fabulous! If you want clear, radiant skin, take time for yourself every day to use an exfoliant that cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates to reveal a fresher more radiant YOU! Have questions? We’re here for you! Reach out on our Facebook page or Instagram. And, if you know anyone who wants to improve their skin, share this article with them!

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