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Skincare, simplified.

What We’re About

We believe that beautiful skin should be accessible to everyone—that when your complexion looks good, you feel good, and go out into the world and accomplish good. It’s not about elaborate regimens, extravagantly-priced products, and further complicating our already-busy lives.

Founder Nancy Schnoll discovered that twice-daily exfoliation, when coupled with hydration, delivered unimaginable results to her own skin and the skin of everyone who used her custom-made product, so she set out to bottle up her findings and bring Reflekt 1 to a wider audience. Reflekt 1 also happens to be clean, paraben- and sulfate-free, and never, ever tested on animals. Your skin is going to love this.

Our Founder

Milwaukee-born, New York-based skincare maven Nancy Schnoll has always had a minimalist approach to beauty. She spent years curating the world’s best beauty products for an A-list clientele, and while doing so, noticed a need for a hero product that delivers exfoliation and hydration in one fell swoop. Nancy enlisted the help of a top European chemist to create what would become Reflekt 1.

For Nancy, less is more, and so she decided to launch Reflekt with a single product, choosing a direct-to-consumer model in order to keep her pricing accessible. Because great skin shouldn’t be a struggle.

The project is a deeply personal one for Nancy, who founded Reflekt on her parents’ wedding anniversary in honor of her mother and father, who encouraged her to find the beauty in everything. She hopes Reflekt will help you do the same.

“I feel strongly that if you change a person’s skin, you change the person.”

- Nancy Schnoll, Founder of Reflekt Skincare

Our cause

Reflekt Abundance

Mama Schnoll

In honor of her mother, who was a constant source of inspiration, Nancy created Reflekt Abundance, a charitable organization dedicated to ending world hunger. “She was a very giving woman; she volunteered at the food bank and was always making meals for my family. Anytime someone she knew was sick, she’d be bringing dinner over,” Nancy remembers of her mother. So when choosing a partner organization, a food-based program was a natural fit as a way to celebrate her mother’s legacy and generosity of spirit.

Through Reflekt Abundance, a portion of the proceeds from every Reflekt sale are donated to WhyHunger, an international nonprofit that provides resources to people and communities in need of food. The organization has received numerous awards for its work and allocates the lion’s share of its budgets to direct aid, rather than administrative costs. Currently, WhyHunger supports over 8,000 community-based groups around the globe. “I know my mom would love them,” Nancy says.