Reflekt 1 Hydrating Facial Cleansing Scrub Travel Size

Reflekt Skincare Readies E-Commerce Launch

Reflekt Skincare is prepping to launch its own e-commerce operations.
April 5, 2017 • Allison Collins

The brand only has one product — Reflekt 1 — a $50 hydrating facial cleansing scrub that soft-launched with Amazon Luxury in June. Later this April, Reflekt 1 will start shipping from the brand’s web site.

The site precedes the next several launches — a travel size (and $16) version of Reflekt 1 launching May 8, as well as a serum, eye and lip treatment and moisturizer (slated for fall). Aside from product, the web site will feature a section that brand founder Nancy Schnoll is calling “Reflekt Rules” that will provide skin-care education.

Schnoll is a former actress who found her way into skin care by way of a partnership with her former aesthetician. But when the European company that made their go-to exfoliator went under, Schnoll set about working with a lab to create one of her own. Before starting Reflekt, she’d been selling it for $95 per bottle in Los Angeles.

“It does three things,” Schnoll said. “It cleanses you, it exfoliates you and it hydrates you.” Schnoll designed the teal cleanser for both genders and multiple age demographics. The wash, meant to be used twice a day, features biodegradable microbeads designed to melt and distribute moisture to the skin.

“It’s uncomplicated but very effective, you’ll feel squeaky clean but not tight,” Schnoll said.

Reflekt — which Schnoll envisions to one day be a multimillion-dollar business — is backed by its founder and an angel investor, but is said to be considering taking on outside investment.

Reflekt 1 is the starting point for the rest of the lineup (which will also be named by number).

“I wanted to pick a few key elements that each product is actually going to attack and to help,” Schnoll said. “You can’t have a serum have six huge actives, you’ll have a little bit of everything and then a lot of nothing.”

For fall, the brand will release a moisturizer that focuses on hydration, helping hyperpigmentation and sagging; an eye-lip product that focuses on fixing fine lines, dark circles and puffiness, and a serum that contains two kinds of hyaluronic acid for hydration and antiaging.

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