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A luxurious natural bead exfoliant that polishes, refines and rinses clean leaving skin hydrated, supple and luminous

REFLEKT SKINCARE is a company that produces luxurious high-quality skincare products that create clear, radiant, healthy and glowing skin at an affordable price.

“It’s uncomplicated but very effective, you’ll feel squeaky clean but not tight”, says founder Nancy Schnoll

Reflekt Rules

The Ultimate Skincare Guide

Nourish Rule - Skincare


Everything that passes your luscious lips defines your skin today and every day after. An important way to get and keep your skin…


Cleansing removes bacteria, dirt and debris, but how often should you clean your face? Washing too often…


When you cleanse and exfoliate your face the top layer of your skin becomes vulnerable, so it needs to be hydrated…


There are many benefits of using an exfoliating scrub. 1. It exposes renewed fresh skin. The best exfoliators have…

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