Decluttering 101: 6 Tips for Simplifying Your Beauty Space

Decluttering 101: 6 Tips for Simplifying Your Beauty Space

Minimalism is our way of life because we believe true beauty is reflected from within and we enjoy creating space for such reflection. Tidying your space is an essential way to do this and it’s especially important (and cathartic) as the seasons change — so we’re here to help. Keep scrolling for Nancy’s top tips for decluttering your beauty space.

1. Toss expired products

You didn’t use them before their Best By dates, so you won’t (and shouldn’t) use them now. Empty, rinse, and recycle (if allowed) your expired products to make room for what you’ll actually use regularly.

2. Stow duplicates away

Move extras to a storage space where you can easily grab them once your go-to runs out. You don’t need three dry shampoos out at once! Simply put the backups aside until your current products are empty.

3. Arrange items by category

Sort items together in groups such as skin, hair, body, hygiene, medicine, and the like. Personally, we’re suckers for a sophisticated labeling system, too, to make reaching for your essentials even more of a breeze.

4. Organize into containers

Remove items like Q-tips, floss sticks, and cotton balls from their original packaging (recycle, please) and place them in reusable containers to keep tidy and more appealing to look at than their cardboard containers and plastic bags.

5. Donate what you don’t use

Give unused products or lightly used beauty tools to local women’s shelters or organizations like Dress for Success or Project Beauty Share. Not only will it help declutter your space, but it will go to a much better cause than collecting dust in your vanity.

6. Stick to the necessities

You don’t need dozens of skincare products to maintain healthy, balanced, and glowing skin. By minimizing your routine to efficacious essentials, you’ll be able to spend less time on your skincare regimen and more time living life.

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