7 Female-Founded Businesses to Support for Women’s History Month

7 Female-Founded Businesses to Support for Women’s History Month

It’s officially Women’s History Month and of all the businesses you support this March, we have several female-founded favorites for you to consider. Whether you know them already or this is the first time you’ve heard about them, we’ve grown to know and love them each for a variety of reasons — and so will you.

  1. Speir Pilates

Not a week goes by where Nancy is not at Speir Pilates several times sweating it out. Featuring studio classes offering a full reformer pilates experience, it’s quickly become her happy place. Bonus: Andrea Speir offers on-demand workouts you can stream in your living room if you don’t live in or near Los Angeles.

  1. Barefoot Dreams

Wrap yourself in anything cozy from Barefoot Dreams and you’ll never want to take it off. Whether it’s a blanket, robe, slippers, or socks, you’ll surely be as obsessed with the coziness as we are. Plus, they make for the perfect gifts (trust us, Nancy has gifted the CozyChic Robe numerous times without fail).

  1. Mingle Mocktails

Whether you’re entertaining guests or craving a bubbly drink sans alcohol, these canned mocktails are a naturally-flavored, low-cal option we’ve recently fallen in love with. Available in a variety of flavors, you can find them at Whole Foods and other stores nationwide.

  1. Olive & June

One thing about Nancy: she always has her nails done and she always does them herself, so she’s picky when it comes to polish. Not only does Olive & June make the cleanest polish on the market (we live by clean standards), it’s also formulated to last longer.

  1. Ricari Studios

For Los Angelenos looking for a day of wellness featuring the future of self-care, head to Ricari Studios for a tech-forward treatment. Each one is tailored to your needs to offer aesthetic and physiological benefits for well-being, beauty, and recovery.

  1. Supergoop

While sun protection is always critical, it is especially important when you’re exfoliating regularly with Reflekt (you can learn all about why here). Of course, that means skipping SPF is not an option and we’re all about Supergoop’s cruelty-free formulas made with feel-good ingredients.

  1. Slip

Caring for your skin doesn’t stop at a transformative skincare regimen. In fact, sleeping with a silk pillowcase (like the ones from Slip that we adore) has its benefits too, helping to minimize friction and tugging on your skin at night, leading to fewer lines and wrinkles over time.

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