5 Oft-Forgotten Lifestyle Habits That’ll Help Improve Your Skin

5 Oft-Forgotten Lifestyle Habits That’ll Help Improve Your Skin

We always hear about how perfecting your twice-daily skincare regimen will transform your skin, but how are your lifestyle habits impacting your glow (or lack thereof)? Be sure to check each of these oft-forgotten to-dos off your task list to help improve your skin from the inside out as well as the outside in.

1. Change your linens frequently

Bedding and towels are breeding grounds for bacteria, which can wreak havoc on your skin. Just think, who wants to pat their cleansed face dry with a soiled towel or snuggle up to a dirty pillowcase? The fact of the matter is, though, you can’t always see these germs, so swapping them out routinely for a clean set, regardless of how they “look” is essential.

2. Sleep with a silk pillowcase

Ever wake up from a deep sleep with those lines across your face? Thankfully, they tend to go away after you’ve been awake for a bit but over time, after enough creasing, it will begin to cause permanent lines and wrinkles. According to the Sleep Foundation, the soft, smooth quality of silk pillowcases means less friction and tugging on your skin at night, leading to fewer wrinkles over time. Additionally, because silk absorbs less moisture than cotton, your skin retains more of its moisture, helping to prevent dryness. Bonus: there are huge benefits for your hair as well.

3. Maintain a balanced diet

“You are what you eat,” they often say, and your skin really can reflect what’s going on inside. Maintaining a nutritious, balanced diet is the perfect complement to your twice-daily skincare regimen for a complexion that shines from within. Think more antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, plus plenty of water, and less refined sugar, alcohol, and coffee (we know, this one’s a hard one to swallow).

4. Sweat it out regularly

Exercising often is not only good for your mind and body, it’s good for your skin, too. This rings true for a few reasons. Sweat releases acne-causing toxins, acts as a natural exfoliant, and increases circulation, so once you wash away all the oil and bacteria post-workout, your complexion will have a naturally-healthy glow.

5. Wash your makeup brushes

Did you know a staggering one in four women have never cleaned their makeup brushes? Like your linens, makeup brushes harbor bacteria that can clog pores, cause breakouts, and lead to skin irritation. So much so that the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AADA) recommends washing yours every seven to 10 days.

TIP: Nancy’s favorite brush cleanser is the Coconut Brush Cleansing Balm by Japonesque for an effective way to clean your brushes without fuss (plus, they’ll smell fresh, too).

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