Hidden Gems: Household by Nickey Kehoe

7266 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036


When you step inside Household by Nickey Kehoe, you’ll be instantly welcomed by a selection of home furnishings and decor ranging from contemporary to vintage. It’s a store you’ll want to get lost in and Reflekt’s founder, Nancy Schnoll, does so every time she comes.

According to Clayton, the showroom’s manager, each item you’ll find is carefully curated from worldly travels to create the ideal selection of everyday essentials. His advice for choosing some favorites for your home is simple: “Surround yourself with what you love.” In case you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few of Nancy’s Household must-haves to help inspire you.

1. Floral Glasses 

Though sold out online, these gorgeous glasses are worth a trip to the store. They’ll make a stunning yet functional focal point for your next get-together or garden party. Try mixing and matching the different flower types to add extra interest to your summer tablescape.

2. Stoneware Colander 

Made of hand thrown stoneware, this colander is both chic and versatile enough to double as a decor piece. Use it to wash and store your fresh fruits and veggies (think lemons and limes) to sit beautifully atop your counter or table. Bonus: it makes a thoughtful housewarming gift, too.

3. Gemini Express Espresso Maker 

This may just be the sweetest, 1960s-inspired dual spout aluminum espresso maker we’ve ever seen. Simply add water and espresso grounds to the bottom chamber and brew it on your stovetop to make two simultaneous espresso shots.

4. Signature Scent 

While each of Nickey Kehoe’s fragrances offers something different, Antheia is a standout in our book. It’s equal parts soft, warm, and feminine, making it the ideal welcoming aroma for any home. Plus, the candle version is equally as to-die-for — and worth the splurge.

5. Elevated Cleaning Tools 

Sure, cleaning tools don’t have to be pretty but if they sit out, why not work them into the aesthetic of your home? Nickey Kehoe’s selection of brushes and brooms will help keep your space elevated and, hopefully, make you dread cleaning a bit less.

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