Hyaluronic Acid: The Ne Plus Ultra of Hydration

Hyaluronic Acid: The Ne Plus Ultra of Hydration

No matter the time of year, hydration will always be key, but the cooler winter months tend to welcome concerns of dry, lackluster skin. Because of this, ensuring your cold-weather skincare regimen is packed with nourishing ingredients is the best way to maintain your healthy radiance 24/7/365.

For the ne plus ultra in hydration, there’s one particular ingredient we swear by: hyaluronic acid. Not just because it’s “trendy,” but because it’s proven to deliver. Here’s why it’s worth the hype.

1. It’s naturally found in our bodies.

You’ve likely heard the hype around hyaluronic acid in skincare, but did you know it exists naturally in our bodies as well? If not, now you know. Unfortunately, like other processes that slow as we age, the production of our naturally-occurring HA does as well, plus our existing reserve of this essential hydrator gradually begins to degrade as well. Since approximately 50% of the body’s HA is found in our skin, this makes topical application of the ingredient all the more important as you get older for ultimate replenishment.

2. It doesn’t function like most acids.

Though it is technically considered an acid because of its low pH (hence why “acid” is in its name), HA does not function as an exfoliator like those buzzworthy alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHA). Instead, it functions as a humectant to help retain moisture. It’s even believed to be able to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, so you can rest assured knowing it’s helping your skin seal in the nourishment from those other hydrating ingredients from your regimen.

3.  Its benefits go beyond hydration.

While hydration is, of course, a necessary part of every step of your skincare routine, the benefits of HA don’t stop there. This ultra-hydrator also helps support collagen production, enhance skin elasticity, visibly minimize lines and wrinkles, smooth texture, plump, and tighten. With consistency, you’ll notice dewy, bouncy, youthful-looking skin.

Now, can’t you see why hyaluronic acid is in all four steps of our innovative regimen?

  • Reflekt 1 Daily Exfoliating Face Wash
  • Reflekt 2 Collagen Boost Vitamin C Brightening Serum
  • Reflekt 3 Power Peptide Sculpting Face Cream
  • Reflekt 4 Smoothing Squalane Eye & Lip Treatment Cream