Nancy’s Gift Guide: 5 Luxurious Gifts Your Mom Actually Wants for Mother’s Day

Nancy’s Gift Guide: 5 Luxurious Gifts Your Mom Actually Wants for Mother’s Day

Every day was a special day when my momma was still with me. She could make any mundane task feel exciting, it was a gift of hers — one of many. Shopping, for example, was always something I looked forward to doing together. Whether it was for my first bra (which my brothers used as a slingshot since my mosquito bites didn’t actually fill it), furnishings for my first apartments, or Michelin-Star ingredients for cooking and baking, she’d always suggest the best things. “Quality over quantity,” I can still hear her telling me, and it has never let me down.

Though shopping looks much different now that she’s gone, some things never change. To this day I often catch myself thinking “she would love this” when I buy knick knacks for my home, find a treasure in a local boutique, or give a unique gift. She always loved life’s little luxuries and I channel her minimalist and effortless sophistication whenever possible.

For those of you looking for a gift that’s as special as that someone you call mom, here’s my curated list of 5 infallible gifts she will actually use and adore. Let’s just say my momma would definitely have approved of each one.

1. The Reflekt Quad with Everywhere Bag

Chances are your mom spends more time on others than herself. If this sounds like yours, she’s not going to skip her skincare regimen on my watch. Give her the gift of our complete four-step system for instantly brighter, more luminous skin. It even comes with a chic tyvek bag that not only makes a lovely bonus gift but it’s also a convenient catch-all. I keep my essentials in mine!

2. “Dorie’s Cookies” Cookbook by Dorie Greenspan

For the mom who loves baking, this cookbook by Dorie Greenspan will sweeten her day. It holds a special place in my heart because it actually features one of my momma’s recipes: her famous Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread (think Jewish biscotti, if you’re unfamiliar). Aside from my personal connection to the pages, though, this cookbook comes backed by rave reviews from the likes of Ina Garten herself: “Close your eyes and dream up your wildest, most delicious cookie,” she wrote. “Now, open ’em up. Abracadabra! There’s your cookie, right here in Dorie’s stunning book.”

3. Flowers from FLOOM

As a brand that lives and breathes minimalism, we love anything streamlined. It’s just one of the many reasons I adore FLOOM, an online flower delivery service founded by Paris-born Lana Elie, which makes ordering luxurious floral arrangements (that actually look like the pictures), a breeze. Plus, each stunning arrangement is sourced from local floral designers in the city you’re ordering from, so speedy same-day delivery is possible without having to skimp on quality.

4. Huile de Savon Peruvian Heliotrope Soap & Pommade Concrète Hand Cream from Buly

Once your mom gets her hands on Buly, she’ll never want to live without it. Trust me, I know from experience. This creamy soothing hand soap and nourishing shea butter cream make the perfect gift set for a mom who has everything but could use a bit of TLC. After all, you can never have too much handcare! Note: these products ship from Europe, so order soon if you want to get your mom in good hands!

5. CozyChic Adult Robe from Barefoot Dreams

You can truly never go wrong with a cozy robe and this CozyChic Robe from Barefoot Dreams is my all-time favorite. It’s so soft and plush it’s nearly impossible to change out of once it’s on. It’s become one of my go-to gifts for the people I adore most — and they, too, never want to take it off.

Have your pick? Get shopping stat so it can get here on time for the special day.

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