A Minimalist Lifestyle: 7 Fuss-Free Hacks for Simpler Living

A Minimalist Lifestyle: 7 Fuss-Free Hacks for Simpler Living

Raise your hand if you need added stress in your life.

Since it’s probably safe to assume you kept your hand down (if for nothing else, for the sake of your skin), you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the 7 hacks we swear by for living a simpler, more minimalist, and stress-free life.

1. Simplify your skincare and beauty regimen

Beyond decluttering your beauty space, a true minimalist regimen means fewer products overall. Streamline your skincare routine with formulas like those in our simple yet effective four-step regimen, which multitask so you can do more with less. It will set your skin up perfectly for a glowing and natural, “no makeup” look that requires fewer products, too. Simply apply a bit of cover up, a swipe of blush, some mascara, and your favorite lip balm and you’ll be ready to go.

2. Create a capsule wardrobe

Though you may be tempted to hop on the latest fashion trends, the problem with doing so is they are ever-evolving, so you’ll constantly need to buy newness. Instead, stick to quality over quantity, starting with the basics — like quality tank tops, tees, and denim — and working your way to a classic LBD (little black dress), a timeless blazer, and other staple apparel that will never go out of style.

Tip: Collect clothing over time to build a wardrobe you truly love — our founder lives by this. You’re much less likely to get bored of your collection if you’ve spent years curating it.

3. Resell or donate clothing that no longer fits or suits you

As is natural with time, our bodies are constantly changing, so even if you stick to the staples, it’s normal to grow out of some pieces — both physically and stylistically. Once an item no longer fits or you don’t plan to wear it any time soon, say farewell by reselling, donating, passing it onto someone you know, or tossing it (but only if it’s damaged). One person’s trash is another person’s treasure per Nancy’s mom.

Tip: Edit your wardrobe annually to get rid of anything you no longer wear. If you haven’t reached for it in the last 365 days, chances are you won’t wear it again.

4. Discard duplicates

The truth is, there is rarely an occasion in which duplicates are necessary (with the exception of undergarments, of course). If you have half a dozen cutting boards, for example, consider rehoming or donating some to create space. Afterall, you probably won’t think about those oft-forgotten items anyway, so clear your cabinets and your mind.

5. Keep your digital life clutter-free

In the digital age, clutter can seep into our Desktop, Photos, emails, you name it. Maintaining a virtual space without unnecessary screenshots, mislabeled files, and spam emails is essential. Create a folder system that allows you to sort and archive projects as you go, so you’re not left with a chaotic aftermath.

Tip: Use apps to your advantage to help with organization. Consider Evernote for note taking, Toss for decluttering, and/or Clean Email for inbox management.

6. Systematize tedious chores

Dreading your chores? Create a system for such tasks so you don’t put them off until it’s overwhelming. Whether it means asking for help (recruit your spouse or children) or trying new ways to lighten the load (like these laundry tips), your regular tasks will soon feel a lot less burdensome.

7. Give everything a home

While it may seem trivial, ensuring all of your belongings have their own place is key to maintaining an orderly space — and it makes cleaning easier. Because, let’s face it, figuring out where to put everything is time consuming, so if you already know where it goes, you’ll save precious time. Plus, you’ll never lose your keys again!

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